Catherine + Jacob


I met Catherine in college 7 years ago. We have been very good friends for quite some time now. When she asked me to photograph her wedding, I was thrilled! I was also a little nervous because this was my first official wedding photography gig. When the day finally arrived, I felt completely comfortable and at ease, partly due to the fact that I knew a good amount of people there. It was a intimate, fun, and lively wedding. It was located in the rural hills of Temecula Valley.

And of course no one deserved a more beautiful wedding than Kat and Jacob. Big thanks to Kat’s aunt, Joann, for opening up her home for the ceremony and decorating everything for the big day. It was the perfect set up for the wedding. It was truly a memorable day for everyone.

The set up was very gentle and warm. The place was packed with fresh and vibrant flowers, including fresh lavender flowers on top of the cupcakes. The flowers were contrasted by the dark wooden tables, rustic decor and dinner plates. The evening ended with tons of dancing and laughter from friends and family. A big congratulations to my good friend Kat and Jacob.